Sorry for the long absence. I had a project that was devouring my time, but it's nearly done now, so I'm slowly beginning the blog again. No interviews for the moment, ideally I'll be back into them by next week, but here's a few links:

-There's a discusion going on at Make Comics Forever about lettering techniques that y'all might find interesting.

-Matt Bernier keeps a blog in which he talks about things relating to his comics, including some comments on paper. He also sent me this email after I posted about the T-3 nibs:

If you go here:, every single thing not inked with a brush was inked with the T-3 nib. (Except panel borders and lettering.) Literally everything. And most of it with the same one, which I still have in my pen holder.

So check those out!

-Shannon Wheeler sent me some pics of his studio & study awhile back which I had neglected to put up til now: