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DC Comics Ink-Wash Covers ~ The 2nd Wave
By the late 1960's about the only title that occasionally featured an
ink-wash cover was the Kanigher edited title G I Combat...when
Carmine Infantino took over at the helm of DC he renitiated the
experimental use of wash covers and other production techniques on
their covers, including using mezzatint screens on ink-wash
illustrations which gives that scratchy feel to them...

Here's a batch of them...

Cover art by Nick Cardy, Neal Adams, Berni Wrightson,
Jack Sparling, Murphy Anderson & M. W. Kaluta
Neal Adams
5 Covers (Above a great example where we can see the wash
background seperate from the overlay of the cover below)
Murphy Anderson Berni Wrightson
(This original is a ink-wash illustration, never reproduced that way)
Berni Wrightson
The 1st Swamp Thing story!
(I had the comic out so I figured why not...) Berni Wrightson
(the background on this is actually just pencil, not ink-wash)Jeff Jones
his 3 ink-wash covers for DC
(border design on Sinister House cover by Tony DeZuniga)
4 great covers by
Jack Sparling These 4 Shadow covers by M.W. Kaluta employed the
use of a ink wash background with a seperate
line drawing on a acetate overlay to achieve their look!
Joe Kubert