That's gonna stop right now.

Listen up companies:

I've been building an audience base with this blog, and I'm going to start promoting it next week. I already have a couple hundred readers from word of mouth, and it's likely I'll have many more once I put the word out about this blog. Most of my readers are professionals, or will be.

The customer base for comics art supplies isn't big, so I get you wanting to promote yourselves. But there are channels.

You want your company promoted? Pay me to put up an ad. Got a product you want advertised? Send it to me and if I like it I'll give it a big old hand job right here on the blog.

But let me be clear: if you send an illiterate fake commenter to my site with a link to your company as their profile, I will use this as a platform to smear you and drag you through the mud.

And here's a tip: if you do send fake commenters here, tell the snotty little cocksuckers not to insult me and lecture me, mmmkay?