Boris Dolgov

Very little is known about Dolgov other than that he was
a fan and friend of Hannes Bok (They did several collaborations
signed Dolbokgov) His artwork was printed in the 1940's
science fiction/fantasy pulps. Dolgov's earliest known work is in the
June/1941 issue of Stirring Science Stories and up through1954 his
art can be found in Astonishing, Cosmic, Future and Super Science but
the majority of his art and only covers (5) are printed in Weird Tales.
(Over the years I've heard stories from several old timers that he fell
to his death by falling from the fire escape to his own apartment)

a handful of his science fiction illustrations
the Weird Tales illustrations will be coming in short order

Maxfield Parrish and Dolgov on the left and
Hannes Bok holding an original Parrish painting on the right.
This is the only photo of Dolgov I've ever seen!