This and That


Comic Book Comics issues 1 and 2, long out-of-print from Evil Twin, are now available from IndyPlanet. These are special Print-On-Demand editions that we have been selling at conventions now available for purchase over the intertubes. They're exactly the same material as the originals minus the 8 pages of non-comics back matter. And as always all Evil Twin back issues are available digitally from our buddies at Comixology for reading on your PC or mobile device of choice - either way is a great way to catch up on the series before the final issue is released in June!

Stuperpowers is now a tumblr blog. Late night inspiration struck, transforming the 1997 role-playing game Fred and Ryan co-created with Steve Ellis, Jamal Igle, Lauren Rabinowitz and Stew Noack into yet another much-needed internet time-suck. There's a Stuperpowers twitter account too. New posts appear twice daily. Enjoy!

New items in the store: Comic Book Comics #5 and Tommy Atomic #0.

The response to Fred's "Talking with Comics Pirates" has been HUGE! There is still time to post your anonymous response, so do it!