Comic Book Comics Comics Cabinet!

View from the Front:

View from the Top:

Each one of those four drawers have comics inside 'em -- they sold 600 floppies altogether!

Like a lot of people in comics, I (FVL) have accumulated quite a number of "floppies" over the years, and keep them in longboxes in my office. But here's the thing: Aesthetically, longboxes are kind of ugly.

So I was thrilled when I was invited to be a guest at the Comics Geek Speak Supershow this year and discovered there the work of CGS's own Bryan Deemer's brother Adam, who co-owns a woodworking shop in Redding PA called 2 Skinny Guys. Among other things, they construct "Comic Cubes," or wood cabinet specifically designed to hold cabinets.

They looked terrific, and when I learned they could laser engrave any image I wanted on the front, I was sold. I ordered a 600 comic-capacity "Cube," with what I thought was an appropriate Ryan Dunlavey image engraved on it; Ryan was kind enough to provide me with the line art to the cover to Comic Book Comics #2:

After about six weeks, Adam drove down from Pennsylvania to Brooklyn ("Where The Weak Are Killed And Eaten") and dropped the cabinet off today -- I can't help but show it off.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled with how the cabinet came out, and highly recommend the work of Adam and his partner Scott. Check out their web site at