Reader Tip

Comic Tools reader Hugo Sleestak writes:

Several years ago, a group of editorial cartoonists I was associated with introduced me to Pitt brush markers. Now, brush markers will never replace real brushes for me, but they're convenient and portable, so they have their value. ANYWAY, eventually my batch dried up, as markers will do.

I hate waste (plus, I'm CHEAP), so I thought I'd "recycle" these markers by refilling them. I busted the cap off of the back of the barrel and poured in a small amount of Rapidograph technical pen ink very slowly. Voila! The marker was as good as new! You can refill them like this repeatedly. I've been doing this with some markers for five years or more. The foam "brush" part mushes down after awhile as it wears out, but they still work for broad strokes or for black fills.

Thanks again for the cool blog.

And thank YOU, Hugo!